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Unlocking your financial history with Credit Key
Unlocking your financial history with Credit Key

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Whether you want to borrow money for a mortgage, a short-term loan, or even a new mobile phone, your Credit Report and Score will be checked by Lenders when they decide whether to lend to you, and how much interest they will charge.

So it’s important to see for yourself that all the information held about you is correct.

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With CreditKey.uk you can keep track of your Credit Report and quickly spot any unusual activity, which could be a sign of identity theft or fraud.

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Your Personal Credit Report

Your personal Credit Report is a bit like a financial passport, that Lenders will refer to when you apply for a loan. It includes how long you have lived at your current address, who (if anyone) you are associated with financially, any outstanding loans, and some public records such as county court judgements (CCJs). It also includes a record of missed and late payments. All this affects how Lenders view you – so it’s important to make sure it’s all correct. With CreditKey.uk you will be able to keep an eye on your Credit Report and see how you could improve the way you manage your money.


Personal Credit Reports

Find out more about Personal Credit Reporting at CreditKey.uk.

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